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I've been selected!!

Overview What would happen if you put 20 emerging creative talent's + top line mentors in a room together? Semi-Permanent is giving twenty creatives, irrespective of their stage of career & genre of skills, an opportunity to collaborate on a real life project, giving insights into the exciting, fast paced and meaningful projects happening at Google today. Mentors To help guide your experience at the workshop, we've brought into the fold eight leading creatives from around the world. Crossing from motion graphics, animation, illustration, graphic design, UX & UI design, photography etc, these individuals will be offering unique perspectives on how to approach the brief. It's an incredible opportunity to meet & work one on one with these artists.

Around and About

Game Storming Sessions

This was a really fun day! My dendrites were firing! We started off with some really simple brain games that are useful for solving all types of problems. First we identified a problem that we could think about solving. We all had flash cards and took 15 seconds to write or draw a quick idea from a certain genre of life. After that we passed our cards to the left and accepted cards from our right. Then we did it again. After that we grouped them into categories and finally selected our problem. After that we continued understanding and discussing the world of that problem. By the end of the day we presented a solution to that problem to the entire session of people there. It was basically pitch training and it was a blast! I sharpened my strategic thinking skills with some useful tools. I felt an eagerness to get more done, be a better person and interact with the world. I was inspired by this fun and creative environment. It was awesome! Don't forget to click the picture above for a full 360 degree interactive experience! Let it load. Click and drag. Pinch and zoom.