Ride and Shoot System

The New York Rig on a Los Angeles Night Ride.

Last night I went through my gear for New York. I packed a bunch of cases for return that did not fit my harness. I'd rather have gear laying around... but the concept of entropy was on my mind. Stop planning for what you might need later and focus on what you need now. That's when literally a giant cat art car came down the street. It had speakers that, "meowed," in a bunch of different ways and two big paws with cushioned grips for people to be squeezed by. I started doing a few video tests with the long lens on a tripod out my window, but my f-stop wasn't low enough to get a decent image. By the time I hit the street with a faster lens it was gone. With shooting and testing on my mind, I grabbed this fresh harness up and zip tied it to my previous system. This way, I can walk around with it and not look like a base jumper on the street. SO... if I get the chance in New York to get on a suspended scaffold with the mural painters; I can cut the zip ties, switch the harness to my chest, put a full construction harness over it and get on the scaffold quick. Then I thought that if I could ride a bike with it; I could do an awesome job standing. All these shots are using this new system I've patched together with various belts and cases that distribute the gear I was carrying evenly and comfortably. It also made for a great low light, no-tripod shooting platform. I could easily pull it out of my front loader bag and put it away quickly to move or just be more discreet. I even had enough space for a beer a guy on the street offered to some girls while I sat for a taco break. They blew him off so I had him throw it to me. I could move quickly, and I covered a lot of ground in a couple of hours. After tacos, I shot some more. Then I found a rider who just got bashed up. He was on the ground and leaning against a building, but his bike was on the ground... not normal rider behavior. I thought maybe he was trippin at first... I felt for him though... His name was Kyle, and I got him up and talking. This seemed to straighten his head, and he was thankful. I offered him that beer, but I noticed his face was starting to swell, and his hand was busted. He needed to get out of there. He was so thankful though and said to come chill with the Downtown LA messenger crew when I could. Yo Kyle... These are the results from that harness I was wearing... he did a double take on it, but it was so discreet I know he just didn't know what it was. That's good. So far. I'm digging this system.