M&C Saatchi

Project Management

Internationally recognized advertising agency M&C Saatchi approached me to document the leading edge of their UGG men campaign. The largest permitted mural in the country in one of the highest viewing areas in the world across the street from Madison Square Garden and The New Yorker hotel in Manhattan. A 265 foot tall handpainted wallscape. From the ground up the project was prepped and planned and prepped again. In coordination with at least eight representatives of the agency from the account executive, their assistants, the line producer, art director, creative director, composer of music, personal assistants, rigger, painters, painter boss and more. This job was balls to the wall intense. I delivered three teaser spots and a final film in eight days. All while shooting, editing, eating, sleeping and breathing. A mobile editing system was designed from the ground up allowing over 20 hours of continuous autonomous power, the ability to setup anywhere, the ability to upload content via mobile hotspots right then and there on the street, the ability for it to recharge in 45 minutes, and of course light enough to be moved by foot on subways, street and onto rooftops whenever an opportunity presented itself. The campaign took over the UGG men homepage for three weeks and made and honorable mention in ADWEEK... http://dreamlogan.com/works/panel-1013