MacDonald Media

Project Management

Built the proposal. Bid the job. Sold the job. Negotiated the rate. Found the programmer. Designed the site. Responded to feedback. Gave them what they wanted. Defined the scope. Defined the timeframe. Built a modular platform of simple and clean design. Designed the tapestry of color and form that was adopted throughout all their collateral. Directed the content. Found the edge between mobile and desktop. Allowing one site for a consistent experience across both platforms. With buttons big enough for thick fingers. This application became so successful that the company ordered all employees to stop assembling powerpoint files to display the most recent and relevant work to sell to new clients and start using the online application that we designed for them. Super fast and responsive. No fuss. Worked with a programmer who knew what was up. Let him do his thing on his time. Worked directly with the creative director to manage changing expectations. Allowed room for flexibility without marginalizing anyone.