Ampliación Juárez, Cabo

The third place I walked into.

I ended up here after searching and searching through the streets of Cabo. I found a driver and assistant earlier that day shooting tourists by the beach. He picked me up in his Nissan Pathfinder then asked me for the money upfront and I gave him fifty bucks. It was tense at first but after winding from the tourist traps to the local cabo playboy clubs then finally to this dark dirt street we got to know each other and had a few laughs. He spoke english so it was easy to communicate. I had really really never done this before and my expectations were to go out find a cool place and shoot. But in reality we found a ton of places but I just didn't feel right about setting up there. It was either too public or had this local douchey, "I wear Abercrombie, don't fuck with me," feeling. Most of those types are so self-conscious they want like ten pictures of them doing stupid ass shit. I don't do that though. This was an exercise for me. My rule was only one picture. On film, for me, that's fun; but when I tell a bunch of douchebags, "no," they get all drunk and pushy and you just have to keep moving. This was the night I had all pieces in place to shoot a full 360 degree portrait. I wasn't about to let some dumbass fuck everything up and land me in some wet-shit jail over the weekend. By the time we got to this muddy little backstreet I felt a lot more comfortable. My assist however was starting to get a little nervous so I knew I was onto something. He stayed with his car and the gear while I went off on my own to scout on foot. I walked into the first open place. I had no idea before I went in, because outside the street was empty, but inside the place was a packed stripclub. But packed in the way that everyone was seated and the aisles were empty and everyone heads swiveled as I walked to the bar. It stayed very silent for a while other than the obscenely loud jukebox, glasses being washed and the clicking of stripper heels connected to some very well fed senoritas coming closer and closer. I kept my eyes just over or under everyone else's and I could feel people were beginning to wonder very strongly about me. Then I realized I didn't have the cash to take over an entire stripclub... yet. So I finished my drink and walked out nice and chill to the next spot. That's when I found this place. Totally dead except for the guys in the back playing pool. I asked the bartender/owners if I could shoot there if I bought everyone a beer. They nodded and smiled and said, "si!" I knew I had just found my family watering hole. Then because they said yes, everyone in there was mostly cool with it. I was able to push all the tables and chairs to the sides and open up a nice spread. After the first few pictures though, there was no one left. So with my assist watching gear at the bar I went out on the street again and simply asked anyone I saw, "Un foto por cerveza?" At first I found the workers of another bar across the street. Then when word got out this man-lady working girl came in and that was my last shot. By then the bar was full. When she started giving me sex eyes for another beer, I realized hanging around longer was just going to get drunker and gnarlier. We left with handshakes and hugs and my assist was all cheerful. He ended up running back to the car and grabbing his own camera to shoot some of his locals during the last few minutes. This shoot was an experiment in creating something from nothing. An event organized from different moments of time that were not there to begin with.