Project Management

This was a completely unique project that blossomed into a completely unique experience. This was one of those jobs that choose me. The owner of the Walldogs; Riley Forsythe approached me to build his website. I stated that I had never built a site for anyone else but myself before. He responded with, "Yeah and you had never done a stop motion film before... and it was great. I want you do to my website. Will you do it?" That's where it began. I found a programmer. I wanted the entire site to ooze with information and symbolism. The Walldogs are a company that does things most people can't really understand. There are so many nuances to it all... copy and pictures... didn't seem like enough. And for the moment... I wanted to reinterpret what people expected when they went to a website... just pictures and text. This site needed to be as unique and special as the walldogs themselves. It needed to be like no other... unmatched in its depth... That was the next starting point. A scope was defined with the programmer and a simple idea was created. Show not tell. Create a site that documented what the Walldogs did by creating a site the way the walldogs would do it. By hand. One stroke at a time. The entire site was created in the walldogs way. Every page was painted at 20'x16' in oil by hand and documented in stop motion. A breakthrough premise... one which I have still to this day not seen matched. It's a site that is interactive video. The navigation is painted by hand for every page... really really amazing... walldogs.net